Hands on. What does that mean?

We here at Famous Amens tell everyone we are a full hands on small business, with most people saying “oh ok”. So, we wanted to let you know what an actual small hands on business looks like (at least in our eyes). First there is only 2 of us here at Famous Amens so anything and everything you see with our name on it we have done it.

To start off we started this business kinda on accident, Colt loves to cook and we wanted to start a food truck but while prepping meats to cook he noticed that we had to use way too much commercial store bought seasonings to get a good flavor, and yes we tried way too many different ones with the same outcome. Well after a little research we found that it wouldn’t be hard to put together a few things and bring out a lot of flavor to a dish.

Our first ever made product was a smoked garlic, we love garlic and use it in everything including just eating fermented honey garlic just out of the jar. Colt tried a few different ways of smoking his garlic, then found it to be super sticky still so he decided to dehydrate it and see what happens well if you could insert smell -o- vision here you would know we were onto something. Just after a few batches he found the exact times and amounts to make a delicious smoked garlic. Colt shared his treasure with a few people and they loved it and immediately wanted more! (insert Colts brain bubble) hmmmm if he can do smoked garlic what else can he do????

Salt and pepper are the next highly used item.. We were gifted a small bag of vanilla salt and it made us think what savory item could we use to heighten the taste of salt and pepper.. well why now whisky? insert soaking jars of whiskey salt and whiskey pepper for weeks at a time on my kitchen counter to test. Hit number 2 and 3..

Welcome Famous Amens seasonings, where we take every item and add personal touches to it with our own hands. We do the soaking, peeling, smoking, dehydrating, grinding, measuring, jarring, sealing, labeling, marketing, cold calling, delivery, and checking in with stores.

We have had several people come at us with options of buying pre packaged items and mix them together as a seasoning = no thank you, we want to make sure our items are fresh and done to our standards. Why don’t you get a distributor? Well to us that isn’t a small hands on business if someone else is doing the most important job for you, the meet and great, the checking on your own blood, sweat and tears (no there isn’t any of that in the jar!!) We value the one on one with our local stores, we love the connections we get with the owners/managers/buyers of each site. We love the hometown feel when we can say we are in these certain stores to our potential buyers.

We don’t knock the people that do these said things but how can you call yourself a local, small, home based company if someone else is doing the work for you?

Here at Famous Amens we will continue to be a hands on local business. So, if you are reading this (its on website only) know that we did that too!

We want to thank all of our family, friends and local community for supporting us in all the amazing ways you have and hopefully are proud of us when you watch us grow!

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