7 whole months…..

Ya, we know 7 months isn’t long, it’s not a year but its past 6 months and we are still growing and going strong!

This post is long overdue! First of all, if you are reading this, THANK YOU! It’s because of people like you that make us excited about this passion we have! So, let’s get this post started…

Hi there, my name is Mavis and my husband (the mastermind of this all) is Colt. We are the Amen’s. Yes, that is actually our last name! I have had a passion for cooking since I was a child always hanging out in the kitchen with my dad and grandma always watching what was going on and in each dish. I kept this passion alive with cooking as many homemade and fresh meals for my two children as they grew up including adding some fun cooking adventures with them.

When I met Colt a few short years ago he would cook these amazing meals by literally put some of the most random things together and making the prettiest (remember this part) and great tasting dishes together. He grew up as the youngest of 4 siblings with a wide age gap and in a household that didn’t always have an ability to go buy whatever they wanted from the store to cook. Colt’s culinary skills are better than some top chefs I’ve seen in 5-star restaurants. His ability to beautifully pair random things together and have them all cooked perfectly at the same time is what some people could only dream to do.

People will always tell Colt he is an amazing chef, and he corrects them, “I’m not a chef, I didn’t go to school”. He will just tell them that the first part of a good meal is how it looks (that part from above). He always like to make sure his plating of any meal is colorful, proportionate, and placed just right on the dish, as a fine dining establishment would do. No matter if it’s a simple breakfast meal, BBQ or something random he decided to try it looks amazing before you even get to taste it.

The one thing he liked doing was topping it was fresh seasonings, spices or some sort of garnishment. Well after my dad gave him some fresh smoked peppercorns to try and cook and garnish with, that got Colt’s gears turning. Which lead us to this point!

After a few trials (and not many errors) we are slowly growing into a full-blown seasoning company. We try and stand out a bit with our flavors as well as the fact we are a HANDS-on company that doesn’t buy the seasonings and repackage them, we actually soak them, re-dehydrate, grind, weight each jar out, seal and label each jar. We also specialize in small batches to keep them fresher which leads to the best tasting products we can offer.

We have had fun coming up with new flavors and having our closest friends and family try our products before we release them to the public. Our favorite part is when they send us photos of their creations that include our seasonings!

Well, this is a long introduction to us and our company and if you have made it this far my hats off to you! Thank you for supporting us and our love of cooking and helping others elevate their meals.

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