About us

Welcome, our names are Colt and Mavis. We are just two people that love to cook and share our love of food with others. Growing up in Northern California we have Humboldt and Mendocino County roots that run deep with lots of friends and family that we cooked for over the years. But, one thing we have found is that a lot people have a hard time seasoning their foods while cooking even the simplest of meals and when they do its a “brand” product that sadly has a bunch of unhealthy fillers in them. We wanted to be able to produce some hearty flavors that are healthier as well.

Smoked Herbs and More!

We take this motto seriously.

From getting the freshest batches of garlic, onions and jalapenos, then all the peeling, chopping and many numerous hours of smoking , we have been able to bring out unique flavor profiles to already loved herbs.