Supporting local… Supporting us means supporting others…

Being from a small town in Northern California in a county that is about 100 miles long yet still super isolated in some cases, supporting local can be super easy yet hard to do.

In our area we don’t have the real luxury of getting any item we want when ever we want it. There is a lot of online shopping that happens around here since big box stores are 2 plus hours away. So, since you are already ordering a few items, why not order everything online? Well, this kills the option to support local.

Humboldt County is rich in so many ways, the mellow weather, beautiful lands, and friendly atmosphere, its easy to submerge yourself into a way of life here that has no hustle, no bustle no pressure!

You will find this in so many of our county wide events, from county fairs, farmers markets, craft fairs, and many celebrations for just about any event you can imagine. We as a small community have some of the greatest farmers, ranchers, crafters and small business owners around.

Now that we (Famous Amens) are included in this list of small local businesses we try and support as many others as we can. With this we have paired up with some amazing farmers and local gardeners to get the freshest produce possible to provide to our customers.

One farm located in Ferndale we actually get to go out and help hand pick the jalapenos, Thus, knowing where our produce comes from has a whole different feel when your actually out there picking it.

This last month we were blessed to pair up with Shakefork Community Farm located in Carlotta. They are an oxen powered, regenerative, organic agriculture farm. They have a variety of items such as fresh produce, pasture raised meats and eggs. The bell peppers we get off their farm are so fresh, so sweet and such a variety of colors.

So, in purchasing our products you are enriching our community by keeping your dollars local and supporting many merchants at one time and OUR county economy stronger.

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